Observing and documenting children's learning is undoubtedly a major aspect of an early childhood educators daily workload. Writing up observations and interpreting them for meaningful learning and development can certainly be time consuming and difficult. However documentation is crucial to the early childhood profession and well written observations are equally as important as the practical aspects of the job. 

It is common to see educators have difficulty writing and interpreting observations in a professional manner, with appropriate language, detailed observational content, and a meaningful analysis that ensures children's future learning is extended upon. 

This resource aims to provide educators with an easy to follow guide on how to correctly write up observations and interpret them using appropriate language and content. 

The three pages include: 

  • What to think about before observing children

  • Important observation details to begin 

  • An example observation (names changed)

  • How to interpret the observation 

  • What to include at the end 

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