Observing Children's Language Development

As Early Childhood Educators would agree, observing and documenting children’s learning and development makes up a large part of the job. Too much paper work and documentation is one complaint I hear often amongst all Educators. However I am a strong advocated for observing and documenting learning, it provides an insight into each individual child’s progress and gives direction for future learning extension. Additionally, observations and documentation links us Educators to families and more importantly other professionals e.g. Occupational therapists, Speech Therapists, and Primary school professionals.


Unfortunately after having worked in Early Childhood for years as well as mentoring University Students across Sydney I had come to notice the lack of knowledge of key developmental terms and ability to write observations in a professional manner.


I therefore decided to create simple resources for educators to use as a reference or quick guide while documenting. This guide particularly focuses on LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT and follows on from my previous developmental guides.


After completing a Masters of Special Education with particular focus on communication and language development, I realised that this knowledge did not need to be exclusive to those trained in Speech Therapy. I have simplified the terms and definitions commonly used amongst Speech Therapists within this guide.

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