Developmental terms and definitions

When you enter into the world of Early Childhood Education it’s no doubt just about play and teaching! Educator’s alike would agree that observing and documenting children’s learning makes up a huge part of the job. Assessment and documentation is crucial for educators, parents and other professionals to collate information and reflect on individual children’s progressions, abilities, and developmental needs.

Whether you have just finished your studies or are an experienced educator it is not uncommon to get stuck when observing and writing up documentation. Using the correct terminology and understanding a range of developmental skills will greatly affect an educators ability to document appropriately.

Having worked in Early Childhood for years as well as mentoring University Students across Sydney I had come to notice the lack of knowledge of key developmental terms and ability to write observations in a professional manner. Particularly observations that need to be passed on to other professionals for children with additional needs, or transition to school reports that are passed onto primary schools.

I therefore decided to create this simple resource for educators to use as a reference or quick guide while documenting. All key terms are gathered from professional sources including University documentation, developmental text books and psychology papers.

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