understanding the basic reasons for behaviour and how to manage your little ones at home


We have all heard of the saying terrible twos and three-nager. But how much are you meant to handle before it all becomes too hard?

There is no child instruction manual when you leave the hospital with your precious newborn, so how do you navigate through the chaos as children start displaying much bigger behaviours?

Sometimes the most simple techniques and smallest changes can make the biggest difference!

Thats what we are all about, easy and realistic behaviour strategies that both mums and dads can do everyday in every home. 


calm the chaos in your home!

Home visits

Our program involves 1 x two hour visit or 2 x one hour visits across a few weeks. 

After sending through an email or message detailing your parenting needs we will arrange two visits in your home 

You will receive ongoing email or text message support for as long as you need. 

Behaviour guide

Our behaviour guide is 42 pages that provides information and strategies for managing your little ones BIG behaviours at home. 

Online support

Children who engage in challenging behaviours don't have another way of getting what they want. We therefore have to teach children appropriate replacement behaviours to achieve the same outcome.

Our Calm the Chaos Program Includes:

  •  Initial email or phone consult to determine your families needs.

  • 2 x one hour visits in your home OR

  • 1x two hour visit

  • Ongoing email/phone support. 

  • Guide for managing big behaviours/visual supports


Begin your journey to a happy home and become a mindful parent...

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